Sunday, 12 February 2017

On learning Norwegian, setting up my first etsy, and NOT drinking coffee

So I'm pretty sure that's the longest title I've ever had for a blog post. I mean, like, ever. But I feel like it summarises this post pretty darn well. I've been pretty distant from the "blogosphere" lately, so you guys have missed out on quite a lot lately. I feel like I've got a lot of catching up to do. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote.

On a side note, hey!
Surprise! I'm alive, and 
back for good... I hope.

On another side note, I'm
completely off coffee. Like
100% never drinking coffee
ever again. I think it makes
my headaches worse, so I'm
sticking to the #TeaTeam 

SO! Let's start off with the insanely awesomely good news, yeah? I'M BACK WORKING FOR THE MUSIC SCHOOL AGAIN!!! 

For those of you who might not know, from September last year to around January this year I worked at Rookie Rockstars to liaise with new schools who might have an interest in the charity. In January, I had a small break as the manager looked for a new job for me to do part time- and now I am back as a receptionist for the music school!  I'm so happy to be back; I genuinely enjoy my time there so much. It's the kind of job you actually spend your day looking forward to, and leave glowing with positivity. 

During the evening shifts, I often have little breaks where I don't have anything to do; I've poured enough coffees to turn the sea brown, talked to the kids and parents, and I'm stuck at the desk with a computer in front of me. The possibilities of what I can do in these gaps are endless. 

On my last shift, I started to teach myself Norwegian.

Yeah, Norwegian. When I told my parents, their reaction was pretty much "Okay, cool, why?". I guess Norwegian isn't the first language that springs to mind when you think of cool languages to learn. But ever since watching the TV show SKAM -set in Oslo, Norway- I've wanted to go to Norway. It seems like such a beautiful, understated country. And if I'm gonna go visit at some point, I want to be able to get by speaking the native language. I guess it's my way of showing respect. I don't know, but I'm leaning Norwegian now, and its fucking AWESOME.

On the topic of new ventures, I've actually recently set my by very own business venture. As a part of the entrepreneurship course that I do at University, I am required to work in a group to create and sell a product to raise money for charity. My initial pitch was for lip scrubs, however that idea was quickly shot down as it's "technically a food" (wtf) so due to the university's procedures we couldn't continue with that idea, and so our group decided to sell Gift Boxes. They're really cute, you should check them out.

But I still wanted to pursue selling my lip scrubs. However, it was evident that I would have to set it up- on my own. Without any support or advise, and relying on my own knowledge of business and beauty, I decided that the best route would be to sell my lip scrubs on Etsy. And thus, Scrub n' Kiss lip scrubs were born. Now, you can order your very own lip scrub for only £2 right here. Every order brightens up my day, so please do make a purchase :) 

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  1. I don't drink coffee too often but lately it's been a go to treat when I am writing or anything. How do you do no coffee? I would miss it! I am glad to hear that work is going good for you, it sounds like a grand time. And congrats with opening the esty store!