Monday, 4 July 2016

My NYX obsession (haul)

Last Tuesday before work I went on a little shopping spree with one of my main girls. (I say 'little' but in reality I spent wayyyy too much). Although I went out intending to only buy my Mum a gift for her birthday and a white vest, as soon as I heard that NYX had opened a new booth in the fort, I knew my bank balance was going to take a hit. 

If you read this blog at all, you may come to realise that I have an ever so slight obsession with NYX products... I absolutely adore every product of theirs, and if I could have them all, goodness knows I would. For now, here are a few of my favourites from the amazing brand...

When we went in we were greeted by a lovely makeup artist who was manning the booth, who demonstrated the roll on shimmer (in nude, RES15) and I was instantly sold on it. For only £5.50, it was a no brainer that I simply had to have it. It says on the packaging that the product can be used on the eyes, face, or body, so I'm definitely going to have a lot of fun using it as eyeshadow and highlighter!

Setting sprays have been all the rage lately and up until last week I have never owned one, so I decided I would finally join the bandwagon and try this dewy finish long lasting setting spray. Because I work in fast food, it's vital that I am able to stay looking fresh all throughout my shift, so this really has been a godsend. Plus, it gives me a lovely natural glow which I adore!
These lip liners are absolutely lush. I purchased the slide on, glide on, stay on & definitely a turn on waterproof, extreme colour lip liner in bedrose (SLLP02) and nude suede shoes (SLLP14) since I already have a few NYX liquid lipsticks in similar shades. This liner is definitely much softer than any other lip liner I've bought before, which makes it much easier to apply and allows me to get a lovely smooth, subtle outline. 

I've really enjoyed writing this post today, it's been so much fun trying out these new products, and I know for a fact that I'll be returning to that booth in the fort. It's much bigger than the NYX booth in Buchanan Galleries, which obviously means there's a lot more choice, so if you're in the area at all I would definitely recommend giving it a wee check if you haven't already!

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