Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My five favourite meals

Pretty much ever since I graduated, I've really gotten into cooking. I've loved the excitement of experiencing new tastes and experimenting with different recipes, and it's been so fun to cook for my family too. 

As much as I love the standard shepherds pie, macaroni cheese, ect. British diet, I've always craved something more than that. I love experiencing different cultures through their cuisine, and find it so fun to cook things for people that they don't expect. Most of my favourite recipes are quite oriental, so you may not be familiar with many of the dishes in this list. However, I would really like to encourage you do try something new and dive into cooking dishes you've never even heard of before.

1. Yaki Soba
So this is a dish I discovered the first time I went to Wagamama's. It's on the Wagamama website, so all credit for the actual recipe in the photos above goes to Wagamama, lol. I would say that it's loosely based around a stir fry, but it's definitely much more aesthetically and stomachly (is that even a word? probs not) pleasing.

2. Onigiri
Onigiri is a Japanese dish, and is also known as rice balls. They're made of white Japanese rice (the sticky kind) and are usually stuffed, formed in a cylinder shape and then wrapped in nori, which is also used in sushi. Onigiri is really similar to sushi, and it's perfect for a little bento box (Japanese lunch box... google it)

3. Creamy salmon pasta
So this one is probably more of a common household dish, lol. I remember the first time I made this for my brother and I when my parents were away... from what I remember it was quite a success then, as it is when I cook it now.

4. Chicken Caeser Salad
MMMMF YES GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME. If ever I'm in doubt of what to have for diner, Chicken Caeser Salad will undoubtedly be what I go for. It's such a safe option when dining out at restaurants too, since it's not a messy food or whatever haha. Definitely a big favourite for me.

5. Dal bhat
When my Dad was working in Nepal, he and my Mum came back one week with a new recipe to share with our family- and so I was introduced to Dal Bhat. This dish has a similar consistency to a thick curry, and the main ingredients is lentil. It's usually served with rice, but could also be eaten with naan bread, or as a side 'sauce' in a meal.

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