Friday, 15 July 2016

A week in the borders

Last week I travelled down to Galashiels, a town on the borders which to me is small, but to everyone there is the cosmopolitan capital of the local area. There I stayed on a farm where an older couple stayed, along with my team of 3 lovely girls.

Over the week we ran kids clubs in the morning at Galashiels Baptist Church, working with volunteers from the church. We had "free" afternoons, which we would use for prepping for the next day... and the odd nap, lol. 

Then around 5pm we would be joined by a couple, or two, who cooked meals and dessert for us. The food was absolutely wonderful, from tortillas to chicken casserole, to lasagna. Take me back, the food was delicious. We had meringues on two seperate occasions, and my friend Emma who was on the team with me had about 6 combined during the whole week. We all teased the heck out of her for it, but she stood her ground somehow, haha.

During the evenings we either run family events, or youth nights. For example, on the Monday we had a family beetle drive, which I initially thought was a physical drive where we went off on a kind of treasure hunt or something. Turns out it's not quite that adventurous, but it's too hard for me to explain so if you're curious, google it. On Tuesday we had a Pizza, pasta and Praise night for the family, where I shared my testimony. It seemed to get a really great response, and a few people approached me afterwards with hugs and encouragement which was really wonderful to me.

We run a number of other activities with the youth throughout the week, such as a BBQ night, a tournament/games night, and a messy games night which were all really successful. The team bonded really well with the youth, and we have all managed to stay in contact which had been great.

The childrens club was also a huge success, and my P1-2 group were absolutely adorable. At the start of one of the sessions, a girl from my group came up to me and gave me a big hug, and handed me a little letter. On it she had drawn a picture of me and her together holding hands, and written "You are the best leader I have had so far love Kayla". It's things like this that really touch my heart, and I know for sure that I will treasure that little letter in my heart. Children are just so wonderful, and they don't even know how much of an encouragement they can be.

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