Sunday, 17 July 2016

6 on Sunday

1. I've loved listening to The Hunna a lot lately, and am going to see them in October with 3 of my friends, which will be awesome! Todays number 1 is "She's casual" by The Hunna because it's such a great tune, and is really catchy

2. Number 2 is crunchyroll! This is a great app for streaming anime, a little bit like the anime version of netflix I guess. I've been watching food wars lately, and it's awesome!

3. This one is The Open Bible. It's basically a huge book with a guide on each key theme of the bible, each book of the bible, and a bit more. It's been really great for helping me get more into learning about the Bible which is also awesome!

4. always has great posts and amazing photos on the blog, so it just had to be featured on #4! I love the post they have on ways to boost your energy, it's definitely something I've been needing, lol.

5. Number 5 is my house group leader, Lynn. She's always up for coffee and chats, and has been so supportive of me over the past few years. I love her to pieces, and honestly don't know where I'd be without her.

6. The final feature today is New Look, the shop from which about 70% of my clothes come from. Last week I managed to bag a great playsuit from the sale, for only£5! It's super cute, and really summery so I have no clue why it was so damn cheap... unless it has some tear that I've not seen yet, lol.

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