Thursday, 30 June 2016

Staying calm in the midst of turmoil

"Project fear", "uncertainty" and "turmoil" are all phrases that have dominated many of our headlines and conversations in the past few weeks here in the UK as we battle with the repercussions of the EU referendum. And as if politics didn't already seem chaotic and stressful, it's just gotten a whole lot worse. 

The morning I woke up to find out that Britain had voted on an overall (small) majority to leave the European Union, a rush of panic flooded me. The decision to leave is one that -like many of my friends and family- I feel strongly against. It is a decision I feel many people have taken without being fully educated about, which is why I think the events that have happened in the past week has come as such a shock to so many. 

That same morning, while I was having breakfast and scrolling through my twitter feed, my Dad came down and handed me a slip of paper with two bible verses. My Dad told me that these verses were significant because they described about times when Israel seemed to have lost hope. In both of the situations, God reminded Israel that he was in control, and that he knows everything.

In the bible, the phrase "do not fear" comes up 365 times. God knows that I stress out a lot and that I am a terrible worrier, and much like my Dad he wants to take the burden that stress causes away from me. 

The fact that the UK voted to leave the EU comes as no surprise to God- he already knew it would happen. He has a plan, and whatever happens in the coming years will fit in to his massive plan. Sure, that means that sometimes things will go "wrong" in my view, but I need to learn to trust that God is able to turn destruction in to deity... and realise that things are rarely quite as bad as they seem to be.

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