Monday, 20 June 2016

Leavers 2016 // Prom

Prom. The magical night that you spend all of your high school years dreaming of. The night where everyone becomes princes and princesses. On Friday the 3rd of June, I had my very own magical night.
The promperations begun at 11am for me, where I went in to a local hairdressers to get my hair done up all fancy. I decided to go for a braided updo, with a few lose curled strands. I felt like a bit of a knob getting the bus home with my fancy updo paired with my sweatpants, but #yolo and all that, lol.

When I arrived home, I was met by two of my closest friends and we all got our makeup done together. We had previously gone to a makeup artist in Dunbarton for a tester, but because of various reasons that just didn't really work out. My great friend Hira did my makeup, and she did a fabulous job! Once we were all dolled up, we went into town to get lash extensions to finish off our look.

One of my friends came back to my house with me, and we got into our dresses together. A tonne of pictures were taken in the garden, and thankfully it was a gorgeous day for outdoorsy pictures! The only problem was that every step we took led to our heels sinking into the grass- not ideal.

Now, because my school is obviously so posh and classy, we had a great reception in the school before we took school organised busses to the Hilton Hotel where our prom was actually to be held. At the reception (Which was really just a buffer for all us alkies, lol) we were met by George Cloony, our school mascot. No, seriously, my year head has a cardboard cutout of him in her office. Not even kidding.
 Once we arrived at the hotel, we headed straight to the bathrooms for some classy selfies. I mean, no occasion is to posh for a bathroom selfie. We had an absolutely lush three course meal, which was surprisingly lovely, and had a tonne of laughs together.
Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous, and it was so wonderful to spend the night with my entire year for one last night. The captains speeches were so cute, and the dancefloor was amazing. We even had the cha cha slide, lol.

When people talk about prom being magical, and a night to remember, it really doesn't prepare you for how spectacular it really is. I had an incredible night, and I'll never forget how brilliant it was. 


  1. I'm so excited that you posted this!! You look so beautiful in your blue dress! I love the style of your dress. Your makeup and hair- OH MY. I LOVE! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa! It was such a brilliant, magical night- my words and pictures barely capture how incredible it was... absolutely timeless.