Monday, 27 June 2016

52 ways to boost creativity

It can be hard to push your way out of a creative block; almost impossible, actually. I doubt that was the answer you were looking for, but there it is. What works for me doesn't always work for me, and I have to keep adding new things to this list, which is why it's so long. By next year I'll probably have thousands of different ideas- but by then most of them will be useless to me. 

What works for me won't necessarily work for you, so while I hope this list helps you boost your creativity, I hope you find you own methods, because ultimately, finding something tailored especially to you is what's going to help you the most.

1. Create an inspiration board

2. Go out more

3. Doodle

4. Experiment

5. Meet new people

6. Talk to old friends

7. Do something different

8. Read a book

9. Lean a new skill

10. Be around creative people

11. Use sticky notes

12. Collaborate with others

13. Copy someone else's idea, but with a twist

14. Travel to new places

15. Start writing a diary

16. Take lots of photographs

17. Challenge yourself

18. Keep a dream diary

19. Watch a movie

20.Listen to music

21. Play an instrument

22. Spend the day at a beach

23. Do something spontanious

24. Meditate

25. Write a short story

26. Take lots of naps

27. Watch motivational speeches

28. Question the unquestionable

29. Eat new foods

30. Go to the theatre

31. Go to art exhibitions

32. Visit a museum

33. Turn off all distractions

34. Buy a colouring in book and use it

35. De-clutter your workspace

36. Write lots of lists

37. Exercise more

39. Plan your day

40. Collect lots of lovely inspirational quotes

41. Reflect on your day before you go to sleep

42. Watch tutorials

43. Search sites like tumblr and weheartit for inspiration

44. Brainstorm

45. Lean a new instrument

46. Make a playlist of songs you've never heard before

47. Write a poem

48. Treat yourself

49. Expose yourself to new art

50. Carry a notebook everywhere

51. Do something you love

52. Do something you hate


  1. All your posts are so wonderful! Can I just say you have put in so much great work this month I mean 25 posts! WoW!

    1. Awh hun that's such an encouraging comment, it really lifted my spirits today! I'm really glad that you have enjoyed popping round to my corner of the internet, it truly means the world to me