Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Positivity Project: A Positivity Post for every day in June (And more)

Hey there sweethearts! So most of you will remember way back in January I did a positivity project, in which every day I published one or two posts that somehow linked in to the theme of positivity/motivation. Well, that was some time ago, and I want to challenge you all to take up the same challenge- for June. Below are 50 post titles that you could use or adapt in any way you like. 

1. The best advice my life has given me
2. Wisdom gained so far this year

3. My hopes and fears

4. The A-Z happy list

5. 5 things that motivate me

6. 50 things that make me happy

7. How to let go of negative thoughts

8. Let's stop comparing ourselves to others

9. Music Matters to Me

10. Time to Detox

11. 5 reasons why you're amazing

12. 9 motivating phone wallpapers

13. The positivity diaries

14. When you need to take a break

15. Dear friend, when you want to give up

16. Dear friend, when you are your own worst enemy

17. Dear friend, when it feels like the world is against you

18. Dear friend, when you lack motivation

19. Dear friend, when things are going good

20. Inspiring mid week pins

21. My top 10 motivational quotes

22. Why failing isn't always a bad thing

23. 20 ways to spread a little joy

24. 10 things that inspire me

25. Appreciating the little things

26. 10 blog posts that inspire me

27. 10 things you should do for yourself

28. Simple ways to improve your mood

29. 5 little reminders

30. Lessons I've learnt from...

31. Becoming your own hero

32. 10 things I'd tell my younger self

33. 20 uplifting quotes for hard times

34. Dear friend, stay alive

35. Lessons I learned from the break up

36. The love yourself challenge

37. You are important in ways unimaginable

38. Becoming more thankful

39. Walk on water or drown

40. Always hope and always dream

41. When you feel like you've let everyone down

42. Why you NEED to use your anger as motivation

43. 6 steps to guaranteed success 

44. The change you absolutely NEED to make

45. The positivity playlist

46. 5 reasons to have happy thoughts

47. "But I won't make a difference"

48. Calm the mind, change the world

49. 15 things you CAN do

50. 15 things that make me smile

I hope these were helpful! Please let me know if you take up the positivity project, and come back tomorrow as I dive into the positivity posts from the past.

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