Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to survive the week

Happy Sunday, lovely! Ah, I love the weekends so much. No matter how busy or boring, they're always just exactly what I need to recover from the week. It's such a good feeling switching off the alarm on Friday night, for a long lie on the Saturday morning. However, on Monday morning the harsh reality kicks in; you need to go to school/work. Sometimes the week can go by at a super speed, but the weeks where every day drags on, and on, and on, can be really disheartening.

During the weekend
You can make your week easier, by doing some simple but effective things during your weekend. First off, do all the housework. By doing the dishes, clothes washing and ironing, decluttering, dusting ect. gradually over the weekend, you'll have much less to do during the week. I know you want your weekend to be a relaxing break -trust me, so do I- but the last thing you want after a stressful day at work is to come home to a untidy house with a stack of dishes waiting to be washed.

Have a bath every Friday. This gives you something to look forward to during the week, and can be really good to force you to relax and rewind after a busy week. Take your time, and put on some nice relaxing music to get you in the mood.

Unless you work during the weekend, or are expecting an important email from work, detach completely from everything work-related. It's so important that you have a proper chance to completely switch off from work, and you truly need the time to relax and look after yourself. You're not going to be able to properly recharge if you're constantly stressing out and checking your work emails.

On the dreaded Monday morning
Put an alarm on 20 minutes early on the Monday from your usual time, so that you can wake up and then have enough time to snooze, or wake up slowly. This will give you enough time to adjust back into the routine of early mornings and actually having to go to work.

Make yourself a morning coffee, even if you don't usually have one, and make sure you have a nutricious breakfast. You're going to be needing that coffee to give you the energy to get through the morning, and nutrition in the morning is always a good idea. Actually, nutrition is always a good idea. Full stop. Period.

During the week days
Make sure you eat your meals away from the desk, and preferably away from the office environment. It's really recommended to go out for lunch, and personally I love getting a cup of soup and then having a little stroll around, to stretch my legs after sitting in a classroom for however long.

In the evenings, create a to-do list, or a priorities list, for the next day. This will help you put into perspective the amount of work you have to do, so that you can start on what's most important as soon as you get into work. This should increase your productivity, which is always motivating!

Reward yourself! If you're having a tough day, or you've achieved something, make sure you give yourself the recognition you deserve for getting through it or achieving it. You're a wonderful person and you deserve a little treat here and there.

What are your tips for surviving the week?

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