Sunday, 1 May 2016

6 Things Sunday

6 things that always make me smile
1. Jack Barakat's social media
2. Reading through my old diaries
3. My crazy friends from school
4. reading Hannah Gales blog
5. Tumblr text posts
6. Fetus 5sos keeks

6 Albums I own
1.Sounds good feels good by 5sos
2. Badlands by Halsey
3. Dirty works by All Time Low
4. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots
5. Brand New Eyes by Paramore
6. Cheap shots and setbacks by As It Is

6 Things I like in a guy
1. Being good at holding a conversation
2. Honesty
3. A playful personality
4. A good sense of humour 
5. Supportiveness
6.Plays guitar, bass and/or drums

6 Movies I watched this week
1. Good luck chuck
2. Clueless
3. The other woman
4. Unfinished business
5. Cinderella
6. Malificent

6 Things I need to confess
1. I love twilight
2. U strongly dislike puffer jackets
3. I kinda like studying
4. I don't really like chocolate cake
5. I hate painting my nails
6. I haven't cleaned my room in like 4 months...

6 twitter accounts I love
1. @Danisnotonfire
2. @AmazingPhil 
3. @youasapup_
4. @lullabylrh
5. @zoella
6. @Katiewiencierz

That's all folks! Hope you all have an absolutely spectacular weekend, you all deserve it my sweethearts!

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