Saturday, 7 May 2016

5 happy thoughts- recap

What makes you happy? Is it the summer days, when you wake up and the sun is slipping through the cracks in your blinds, the birds are chirping, and the air is warm? Or is it the time you spend with your friends, laughing about all the stupid things you've done together? There's an endless list full of things that can make us happy, we just need to open our eyes to realise that. 

This is what the "5 happy Thoughts" Series has always been all about, and I really want to get back to the essence of that. It's about appreciating the little things. Even the tiny things like having a small jar of nutella all to myself, which I actually wrote in one post. We have happy thoughts all the time, pretty much every day. So why are the not so happy thoughts the ones we always remember? The ones that always replay in our minds? We need to appreciate the happy things, and force ourselves to think happy thoughts.

Let's rewind. Back to the start- the very first ever 5 happy thoughts post. Nothing extraordinary happened that week- it was summer, I went for a run, I played guitar, I recieved a compliment... These are all simple things. That's the whole point. You can view these things as mundane parts of my life -which they are- or you can view them as ordinary but beautiful moments of my life that are worth being happy about. 

There is so much to be happy about. No matter how bad your life is, there's never nothing to be happy about. Sure, sometimes the happy things are really small because there isn't much to be happy about, and sometimes they're really big and obvious and amazing, but there's always something. If you're not sure what you have in your life to be happy about, pop over to a post I wrote a wee while age about 100 things that make me feel good. I'm sure there'll be something in there that you can begin to appreciate in your own life. 

What can you be happy about today?

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