Monday, 9 May 2016

10 Petite Joys

It can be so easy to get tangled up in a web of negativity, and forget to appreciate all the little things that just add that perfect amount of sugar and sweetness into your life. I know I do this all the time, and I find it really hard to force myself to be more aware of it, so that I can really drink in all the petite joys, i.e. the little things that make me smile.

1. Going on a walk with the sun on your back

2. Waking up, and being able to stay in bed that little bit longer

3. Getting absorbed in a book

4. When your drink has reached the ideal drinking temperature

5. Getting home after a long day of shopping

6. Fridays, because well, Fridays.

7. Having a completely free weekend all to yourself

8. Getting into a brand new TV show

9. When high street shops start selling their summer collection

10. When a package arrives at your door

What are the small things that you love?

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