Sunday, 3 April 2016

This Sunday I'm grateful for...

♥ Proverbs 3:5-6

♥ Long, relaxing baths

♥ Free employee meals (Even though my body's probably had enough... lol)

♥ Having a nice cosy bedroom all to myself

♥ Running water, which I didn't have all day last Tuesday. I just about died.

♥ My Mum, who has done way too much of my washing this week

♥ Coffee

♥ My wonderful teachers who have been so supportive and helpful at school lately

♥ Having the time to read a tonne of blog posts- and write this one

♥ People who smile

♥ Those amazing bloggers who post stock photos free for anyone to use... they make my life so easy when I'm busy

♥ My lovely manager who just approved my time off

♥ My friend, who has just gone and tagged me in a tonne of instagram posts... lol. 

♥ Money money money- Even though I'm knackered from working every evening this week AS WELL as going to school

♥ My friend, for always liking my tweets

♥ My support network of friends, who area always there to help me through the tough time

♥ Vanessa, for always posting comments that brighten my day. You go Glen Coco.

♥ Every free evening that I don't have to work or study. Phew.

♥ Family

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