Thursday, 28 April 2016

Things I need to do before summer

Summer is fast approaching, and as it does, my list of things I need to do seems to grow more and more. I feel like it's becoming endless, but I'm not complaining; I do love to be busy. Here's a little insight into some of the things I need to do before Summer officially hits...

Book a week off work for my trip to Poland

Buy summer clothes

schedule posts for when I'm on holiday in case I don't have wifi

Make a plan of when to meet up with friends before they move away for university

Ask for full time shifts while I'm at home after exams


Buy presents for 2 of my friends 18ths

Go to the gym and get my summer body in shape

Eat less takeaways, for the same reason as above

Buy a new diary

Make a to-buy list for everything I need for university

Buy some cute summery prints for my walls

Arrange transport for my trips around Scotland

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