Saturday, 2 April 2016

Six Spring Staples

Happy spring, my friends! Winter is well and truly over; bring on the pastels, am I right? Of course I'm right, everyone loves pastels. Damn, I'm pretty sure my Dad even loves them.

Exams are looming, so I'm going to appreciate every single little bit of happiness that comes my way, and the start of a new season is definitely a great reason to be happy. I love seeing the little pink buds on my cherry blossom out in the back yard, as corny and cliché as this sounds, it honestly does remind me of new hope and life.

New year is overrated, bring on Spring's new life. 

Anyway, here are a few cute Spring-y, pastel-y homeware bits that I'm loving this month. I'm currently stuck between buying the canvas print and the glass jars... perks of being nearly-broke, I guess.

  1. Eat biscuits and be merry biscuit selection in a tin, Debenhams, £12
  2. Metalic polka dot notebook, Harrods, £15
  3. Loose lips candle, Harrods, £50
  4. Bloom wherever you are planted printed canvas, Graham Brown, £10
  5. Pink octagon candle, New Look, £6.99
  6. Kilner clip top blue glass storage jars, Nucasa, £15
What are your Spring homeware favourites?

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