Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saved on Bloglovin'


Today I was scrolling through my saved posts on bloglovin', and I noticed a post I had saved by Aisling's beauty bytes about her current favourite bloggers. I really love posts like that, I always discover the most amazing blogs that otherwise I would never have known existed. Plus, I know how much fun they are to write.

I have a few more gems that I've saved on Bloglovin', and if you haven't guessed by the not so subtly post title, then... Get your brain checked, I guess? Or go back to sleep. Yeah, you should deffos go back to sleep.

Being Happy & 5 Happy Things
This was actually the post that inspired me to write my first "5 happy Thoughts" post, which over 8 months later is still one of my most successful series posts. Chloe is so great about writing about the real stuff, and I love how she spreads a bit of positivity and happiness with this cute and cheerful post. It's been saved since the day it was posted, back on the 9th of September last year. Oh plus, her photos are adorable!

10 things I wish I'd known before I moved out for the first time
I found this helpful post over on Career Girl Daily a few months ago, when I first considered moving out for University next year, and was looking into posts about moving away from home. I can always rely on CGD to provide high quality, informational posts that make really enjoyable reads, and this was certainly no exception to that standard.

My Blogging essentials - staying organised
I adore pretty stationary, and this adorable post is full of it! The Dainty Squid is full of great aesthetic pictures, and it's one of my favourite things about the blog. This post is the type that has "Sara" written all over it; the stationary pics is just the tip of the ice berg! I really like the idea of using washi tape to stick post-it notes into paperbased diaries, as it makes the diary look so neat and pretty!

Being a more positive person
I love Bethany's posts, as they are so chatty and casual. It makes her posts seem really friendly and welcoming, which is really nice for an easy evening read. This was a really cute post, and I love how she shares her own experience of going from being negative to starting to adopt a more positive mindset, and why it's important. Definitely worth a read!

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