Thursday, 7 April 2016

Mini stationary haul

While this isn't everything I bought on Monday (though I'm sure I'll wish it was when I see my bank balance...eek!) I believe it is indeed the best of what I got!

Today I'm enjoying one of my very rare days off; no school, no work, and no plans. Although I am technically on holiday, I've still been working, and drowning myself in various different plans to meet up with a tonne of people in every spare minute I have to myself. I'm going to be working Friday through to Sunday, and then I booked a week off to study/meet up with more people, so I'm really going to cherish the time I have to myself today.

I might actually put my writing set to use. I have a few contacts around the place that I've been meaning to write to, but just haven't had the time. Writing and receiving letters is an art form that I really cherish, and I truly love it. There's something so beautiful about it. #SnailMail

Postcards: 35p or 70p, Paperchase

Writing set: £3, Paperchase

Mini rubbers: £1 each, Paperchase

Notebook: £3, The Works

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