Wednesday, 13 April 2016

5 happy thoughts

"No cares, come what may, I'm making a beautiful day"

How damn cute is that quote? It's from one of my favourite pick-me-up songs, Beautiful day by Joshua Radin. I can't remember where I first heard it, but it's one of those songs that you just simply can't listen to without it instantly lifting your spirits. Even on a really crappy day. Thankfully though, I haven't really needed a pick-me-up, as I haven't had a lot of crappy days lately; but I'm definitely still loving the song and soaking up the happiness and joy that oozes out of every line and lyric.

I got to leave work 3 hours early 
A few weeks ago I was working from 12, and was due to finish at 7pm, but instead I got to leave at 4pm! It's really rare that I get to leave early, and actually have some time off to myself, so even though technically I should have been studying, I reckoned I deserved to treat myself to some time off, and spent my day reading blog posts from

This time next month
I will be finished with school COMPLETELY! No more school exams, no more teachers, no more having to walk 2 miles no matter the weather... I mean, of course there are aspects of school that I'm going to miss; the teachers (though not all), my friends, ect. I'm really looking forward to the three months of freedom that I'll have before going to uni. That said, it's not 100% freedom as I will be working during most of it, lol.

I saw a unicorn
I have a friend who's originally from Dumfries, but has been working in the South of England, so I haven't exactly been seeing a lot of her, however I recently got to see her as she took a trip up to Scotland, which was just wonderful. She's an absolute unicorn, and I've really cherished the time I got to spend with her!

I finally know where I'm going
After months of being indecisive about which university offer I would accept, I have finally decided to make a choice. It's official! After the summer, in September, I will be going to Strathclyde University to study Business Management, and I am so excited about it.

I am feeling fresh
Yesterday I spent the day de-cluttering my closet and bookshelf, and this morning I reorganised my bookshelf so that it looked a bit more aesthetically pleasing and pretty. I've always loved a good Spring clean (although I'm not sure if I can really class it as a spring clean... it's a bit closer to Summer) and I'm feeling really fresh and happy with the effort I've put into making my room that bit more presentable. Goodness knows it won't last long, with exams coming up- lol.


  1. Im so excited to be done wit school too! I however don't know what I'll be doing yet which is a little scary! Congrats on figuring everything out! Business management does not sound the easiest!
    By the way! Your post is up on my blog, you should take a look!

    1. That sounds so daunting!! I don't know further than university, but I'm really looking forward to furthering my education, as wacky as that might sound haha!