Monday, 18 April 2016

30 thoughts I had last week

I'm feeling productive today, not gonna lie. I woke up, made a batch of smoothies, studied for a few hours, and then went out for a coffee and a walk with a few friends. It's been a good day, and I'm feeling really good about life for the first time in a wee while. Winter is truly dead and gone, and the sun actually came out for a few minutes today, lol.

  1. I really love not having to work
  2. I've really missed my friends, it's been good to meet up with some far away friends
  3. My relationships with a friend-like-brother has changed; we've grown distant
  4. I can't wait until next year for a new Shadowhunters season
  5. I need a new book to read
  6. I really love meeting new people
  7. Toffee lattes are life
  8. I love complimenting total strangers, it's so fun
  9. I want to start writing more letters
  10. There is no better feeling than getting your makeup done
  11. MAC makeup is amazing
  12. I only have 10 days left of school when I go back after the holidays end oh my gosh
  13. Prom is in like a month and a half what
  14. I really need to study, my exams are so close
  15. I love that feeling after going to the gym
  16. I should really stop eating all the time...
  17. Did I really gain that much weight in the last 2 months?!
  18. The 5:2 diet looks pretty good, and it's achievable for me...
  19. I wish I still had blonde blonde hair
  20. Hannah Gale is goals in so many ways I mean why can't I just be her
  21. I can't wait to move out
  22. I hardly ever go out in the evening, like when was the last party I went to? Last month?
  23. I really want to go on a midnight walk with my friend and have deep chats
  24. Actually deep chats full stop
  25. Am I an outsider or do I distance myself from people?
  26. I need to cut down on how many take outs I have oh dear goodness
  27. But my great aunt suggested Chinese I can't turn that down
  28. papeRCHASE SALE hmu now
  29. Oh my days Alex and Lisa are both Gaskarths now #loveisreal
  30. My toenail really hurts

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