Saturday, 16 April 2016

25 last minute post ideas

Hey there sweethearts, how are we all doing?

No mattered how organized and great at planning I think I've become, there are always times when I've been so busy with life that I've forgotten two write posts for herelectricocean. I never seem to realise, until I'm sitting at my desk, facing a blank screen the night before I'm meant to upload a post, or email a guest post, and I have no clue what  to write about. From what I've heard, I'm not the only one who faces this issue way more than I should,so here are 25 prompts to help you kickstart that amazing blog post that is just itching to be written.
  1. Living in the moment
  2. Beauty brands you should know about
  3. New favourite TV show
  4. My every day Style staples
  5. 5 brands that live up to the hype
  6. 10 favourite things
  7. 5 Happy Thoughts
  8. 5 April blogging goals
  9. Share a homeware DIY, or do a pintrest DIY roundup
  10. How to be a more positive person
  11. Top Ten Uni Tips
  12. How I embrace my mistakes every day; and why you should too
  13. 5 ways to be healthier at work
  14. Why *insert book title* changed my life
  15. 12 Motivational phone wallpapers
  16. 10 things I'd tell my younger self
  17. Dear first love
  18. 5 blogging tips I live by
  19. Why it's absolutely essential you take time out
  20. Dear friend, these are the things that help me
  21. Looking back... (5 throwback posts)
  22. The importance of being yourself
  23. 50 things that make me feel good
  24. 20 ways to take a break
  25. 5 Helpful tips to successfully declutter your space


  1. Hey Sara! This post is so helpful, I will definitely be doing some of them! Xx
    Charlotte <3

    1. thanks Charlotte! I'm so glad it was useful in some way <3