Monday, 11 April 2016

10 Quotes for Monday

It's been a while since I've done a Quotes post, and I've really missed looking through my quotes book, and writing in my new additions. Recently, I've been getting back into the swing of putting in a few new quotes every so often, although it's harder now that I already have most of the quotes that are all over social media and weheartit ect. 

Here are a few of my favourites from my quotes book...

♥ You never think that the last time is the last time. You think that there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don't 

♥ If opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay

♥ If you want to go somewhere you like, but nobody else wants to go, go by yourself. You'll meet people with similar interests as you.

♥ So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers

♥ Accept the things about yourself you cannot change, Have the courage and self discipline to work on what you can, and ultimately become a better YOU

♥ It was only after months of silence that I realised that we were better strangers than anything else

♥ Don't let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything

♥ A strong woman accepts both compliments and criticisms gracefully, knowing that it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow

♥ In order to fly you have to create a space in the open air so that your wings can really spread out. It's like a parachute. They only work from a high altitude. To fly, you need to begin taking risks. If you don't, maybe the best thing is to give up, and keep walking forever

♥ Love is always dangerous. To love is to hope you'll win it all while running the risk that you could lose it all. And sometimes, it is also about accepting that you'll love more than you are loved

what's your favourite quote?

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