Sunday, 27 March 2016

This Sunday I'm grateful for...

♥ John 3:16

♥ My guitar. It's always there for me to help me wind down after a stressful day

♥ My colleagues over at McDonald's. They're all so lovely and sweet, and made my first few weeks much easier than I had expected them to be.

♥ Online shopping. Especially when it's raining and pouring, i.e. Scotland being Scotland

♥ Freshly baked cake

♥ My Dad's ability to help me work through tough problems

♥ All the lovely bloggers I've met because of #TheGirlGang, and Jemma for creating it.

♥ Tea... especially Pukka's detox tea

♥ My Mum's amazing cooking

♥ Champagne. Just champagne.

♥ Uncontrollable laughter. The kind where you just can't stop smiling this huge cheesy smile, and your stomach hurts because you've laughed way too much. Practically exercise- no need to go to the gym now.

♥ Heating. It's one of those things we kinda take for granted, but I love it so so much.

♥ Waking up and having an extra hour to doze

♥ That amazing feeling of accomplishment after going to the gym and actually working out

♥ Tough times, because they make you appreciate the good times much more

♥ Love, because it teaches you so much about life.

What are you grateful for this Sunday?


  1. Grateful to have time to read everyone's blog posts! What's #TheGirlGang? Haven't heard of it

    1. Haha! True that my girl.. The girl gang is a group of bloggers, creatives, and just about anyone who promote positivity and support eachother! We have weekly twitter chats using the hashtag every monday from 6pm- google it, and I'm sure you'll find something about it from dorkface's blog!