Sunday, 20 March 2016

Six things Sunday

Hey troops! Happy Sunday, I hope you're all doing well! It's less than a week until the first deadline for University responses, so good luck to everyone who's waiting to hear back! Try not to stress out too much (a little bit of stress is to be expected) and don't forget to take time out. 

6 things I've photographed

1. My pukka pad

2. This amazing candle from Primark

3. My luscious body shop body spray

4. The sky from my cousins window

5. My favourite fountain pen

6. The brushes from my school's art department

6 things I want to post sometime this year

1. What other lifestyle bloggers have taught me

2. 10 things that inspire me

3. This week in 7 pictures

4. Getting to know other bloggers

5. 5 things to try out this month

6. Favourites from my shelf

6 things I look for in a friend

1. Approachability

2. Trustworthiness (Is that even a word?)

3. Similar interests

4. Positivity

5. A good sense of humour

6. A similar sense of sarcasm (although this is not strictly needed)

6 things I'm obsessed with

1. The TV show skins

2. Being organised and having things planned to a T

3. Candles (Especially from Primark #noregrets)


5. The movie Tomorrow when the war began

6. Blogging

6 people that I'm proud of and why

1. My friend Katie for being the first out of our group to get an unconditional offer from the university of her choice!

2. My little brother for making this remix of 7 years by Lukas Graham

3. My friend Ethan for always looking out for other people even when he was in a really bad space himself.

4. One of my oldest friends for keeping her head held high when she was the only one in our group not to hear back from any universities.

5. My Mum for starting up an informal appeal for a school she visited in Nepal

6. Me for teaching myself how to play guitar with no experience whatsoever 

6 blogs I truly adore

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