Sunday, 13 March 2016

Six things sunday

Six things I hate

1. Snobs

2. Back stabbers

3. Mushrooms

4. Bananas

5. People who always complain

6. the word 'moist'

Six things I wore on my face today

1. Rimmel London Glam'eyes day 2 night mascara

2. W7 in the city natural nudes eye colour palette

3. Extracts pomegranate and rosehip lip balm

4. W7 the cheeky trio bronzer, blusher and highlighter

5. Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser

Six films that will never grow old

1. The Lord of the rings (all of them)

2. The mortal instruments

3. If I stay

4. 7 things I hate about you

5. 13 going on 30

6. Gone with the wind

Six things that I'm proud of

1. This blog

2. My grades

3. My ability to make people feel welcome

4. My work ethic

5. The fact that I actually went on a jog this week

6. I found 6 things to be proud of

Six things I love about my friends

1. They are always there for me

2. They're always by my side

3. They hold me up when I feel like I'm crumbling

4. They make me laugh so much

5. They make me feel less crazy

6. We have the best memories together 

Six things you may not know about me

1. I once met Conor Ball from the vamps, and didn't even know who he was

2. I used to want to be a radio 1 presenter (would still be cool tbh)

3. I always win chubby bunny (I have a big gob, lol)

4. I really enjoy cooking

5. I hate Cola

6. I've adopted "I'm not weird, I'm limited edition" as my catchphrase ("Meaning that I'm something that you don't see very often")

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