Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Monthly Goals #April

Hi there sweethearts! The fact that this post is getting posted on the 3rd of April rather than the 1st shows just how amazing I am at being organised. Good one Sara. 

1. Watch more disney
Okay so this one isn't strictly a 'goal' as such, but it's important anyway... Way back on the 1st of February, #TheGirlGang had a cheeky wee Disney themed twitter chat, and I loved it! It reminded me so much of my childhood, and I got a good whisk of nostalgia. Disney is great at all ages though, and it's definitely on my list of things to do as soon as I get some down time!

2. Eat better
This year, my new years resolution was to be more healthy and get fit. However, starting to work in McDonald's, and with the temptation of free cheeseburgers calling my name every time I had a break during my shifts, that didn't really happen. This month, I want that to change, so I'm going to be planning my meals out and keeping a food diary so that I can track what I've been eating to make sure I'm on the track to a healthier body!

3. Tidy up my desk
Ah, the lovely desk that I cannot see under the piles of paper. I can barely distinguish what is for school, and what is for my blog, which really has to change. I've got a filing system, but it's just a matter of using it to be honest! This month I'm going to designate a set amount of time for me to clear my desk and sort out all my papery bits... it's about time!

4. Keep up with my journal
At the start of February, I decided to start a journal. Every day, I have a short list or sentence to write. For example, one day I might have "Three things that I'm grateful for" and the next I'll have "A quote that summarises my day". However, I'm not the best at remembering to do it at the end of each day, so I find myself doing clusters of 4 or 5 every now and then.

5. Study hard
I have my exams coming up next month, so it's really important that I get my head stuck in to the books. I can't have a repeat of my psychology prelim where I was cramming the whole course into less than 24 hours. While I don't necessarily need to get A's and B's, I know that I can achieve those grades if I put the effort in, and I think it's really important that I put 100% into everything that I do.

What are your goals for this month?


  1. Hey Sara,
    I enjoy your Goals. Especially the Goal that you will watch more Disney movies. The dreams of your childhood come back to the brain and it's really Relaxing to Show These movies.
    My Goal for the month is that I'll have a smile for everyone. Nevertheless I have to aim the Goals of this year.

    1. Thank you, Lea! That's such a cute and lovely goal; one smile can change someone's day completely, so use that power!