Saturday, 5 March 2016

15 things you didn't know about me

1. This summer I'm going to be working, as well as taking a trip to Poland, and going somewhere else in Scotland to lead a youth club (Not sure where yet...)

2. I don't believe in horoscopes, but I'm a scorpio, and it feels like I match up to pretty much tumblr thread on scorpio. Lol.

3. When I was 14, I dyed my hair ginger... it lasted for 3 months.

4. The school I go to is known in the area for being really good, and posh, but it's really not.

5. I have been on radio 1 a grand total of 4 times

6. I'm super good at being secretive (In a good way... I think...)

7. I've been sending my friend little motivational letters once a month while she's on her gap year, so that she feels there's a little bit of home with her there

8. I bloody love salad. Get me a Chicken Caesar Salad without the Anchovies and I'll love you forever.

9. I hate the winter because of the cold and rain and wind, but I do really like it when the sky is clear and blue, and the air is nice and crispy in the morning.

10. All Time Low has been my favourite band for almost 8 years... scary stuff.

11. I was meant to be born on Halloween, but instead I was born on the 30th of October

12. I have never broken a bone

13. I love to cook, and I reckon I'm actually pretty decent.

14. Because my Mum's Polish, at Christmas time we have a traditional Polish meal at Christmas eve, as well as the traditional British Christmas day meal

15. My favourite song to play on guitar is elastic heart by sia


  1. Hello,
    That are some interesting Points I think to know about. GIve me five, I also never have broken a bone. I'm so happy about that. That with School I know.
    Love, Lea

    1. Hiya Lea, thank you so much for this adorable comment! Touch wood that we'll hopefully never have to endure the pain caused from a broken bone, haha!

  2. I love number 7!!! I bet she loved that, kept and treasured each one of those letters

  3. I love number 7!!! I bet she loved that, kept and treasured each one of those letters