Friday, 12 February 2016

Single is okay

Hi Everyone! I'm Vanessa Best, and I run Simply Me. Sara invited me to do a guest post which I am happily doing that for her! So here goes! These are just a few random thoughts and some advice for you all.

It's February and that means everyone is looking for their special someone, but you know what?! Its okay to be single during valentines and the month of February. I mean who needs boys, right? They are so much trouble. 

Recently I have been in a lot of boy drama. Long story short, a boy liked me, and I also liked him. We hung out a few times, and then I found out he wanted things which I didn't. I put an end to that and now we see each other in the hallways without giving each other a second glance. That's alright.

I want this message to come across loud and clear; Don't do anything you don't want to in a relationship. DO NOT LET GUYS TAKE ADVANTAGE. There are to many good guys out there for you to let one stupid idiotic guy do what he wants. END OF STORY. 

I'm still upset about this because I really did like this guy but he turned out to be just like the others... Whatever. 

Jealous by Labrinth, and the playlist BREAKUPS on Spotify is my lifeline right now. From sad meaningful songs to songs like Stronger by kelly Clarkson, it's so comforting and inspiring! 

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