Sunday, 14 February 2016

6 Things Sunday

Hello friends! So I want to start up a new post series, but knowing me I will definitely not be sticking to a routine in posting it weekly, monthly, or whatever. You guys know what I'm like- with my Thursday thoughts series, and my 5 happy thoughts... the only series I've actually stuck to a schedule is the 1st playlist, and that's only really because I can't exactly post the 1st playlist on the 3rd of the month, haha!

Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent. Again. Forgive me, please. Here's my first ever 6 things Sunday post...

Six things I've done this week

1. Arranged my first two shifts at McDonalds (heck yeah, your girl has finally got her stuff together and gotten a job!)

2. Cooked almost every day of the week, apart from that take out we had on Friday...

3. Sat my first prelim (practice exam)

4. Stayed in my pyjamas all day

5. Watched three movies with Kevin Hart

6. Bought a heap of stationary that I didn't really need

Six things I want to do in 2016

1. Go abroad without my family

2. Be more independent 

3. Go to the gym at least once a week

4. Meet a tonne of new friends at University next year

5. Read at least 3 books a month

6. Write more letters

Six things I want to buy

1. Nike Roche's

2. A really pretty beige handbag

3. A laptop for Uni

4. A Happiness Planner

5. New Gym gear

6. More stationary?

Six things I wish I had time for today but DON'T

1. A movie marathon

2. To take a tonne of cute photos for herelectricocean

3. A long hot bath with some lush bath bombs

4. A shopping spree with my girls

5. Going back into bed and curling up with a new book

6. Video calling my long-distance girls

Six things that inspire me

1. "You have the right to endure and that is something struggle can never take away from you"

2. "Stand up and be your own person. Be proud of who you are and show your scars and laugh in the face of those who tell you there is anything you can't do"

3. "Flying is simple, hitting the ground is hard"

4. "One small positive thought can change your day"

5. "If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting the rest of our lives"

6. "Wear pink underwear. Today is going to be fabulous" (I'm sorry... I just had to!)

Six things I'm afraid of

1. Being alone

2. Scaring other people

3. Worms

4. Really windy storms

5. People who don't like music

6. Being forced to eat a mushroom. Or a banana. Eugh. 


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    1. Thank you so much Nadia, that's so sweet of you!