Sunday, 7 February 2016

40 lifestyle and beauty blog post prompts

Hey troops! Today I wanted to write a post targeted more at bloggers, although if you're into journalling this post could be right up your street. 

A wee while ago I published a post containing 100 blog post ideas, which surprisingly turned out to be quite successful, so this time I wanted to do something similar, but a bit more specific/adaptable. 

Below are 40 post titles which you can change to suit you, and interpret as you wish. Happy blogging!

20 beauty blog prompts

1. What other beauty bloggers have taught me

2. Lip balms I love

3.Spring fragrance favourites

4. 6 things I've learnt lately (About beauty)

5. Spring makeup essentials

6. Beauty roundup

7. Products I love

8. What I wore on my face

10. What I wore on my hair

11. What I wore on my nails

12. My evening pampering essentials

13. Dry skin heros

14. 5 must-have budget makeup products

15. 5 mascaras that live up to the hype

16. March Beauty favourites

17. 6 Products worth the splurge

17. A gift guide for the beauty product addict

18. Top 3 high street contour pallets 

19. My thoughts on *insert beauty brand name* products

20. My must have beauty tools

20 Lifestyle blog prompts
  1. When wallpapering isn't an option
  2. Getting to know other bloggers
  3. Motivational Monday
  4. What other lifestyle bloggers have taught me
  5. Six things Sunday
  6. 10 things that inspire me
  7. 10 things I'm grateful for
  8. 10 things you should do for yourself
  9. 9 adorable diy's for valentines
  10. How I use my planner
  11. 16 tips for people starting Uni in 2016
  12. Thursday Thoughts
  13. This week in 7 pictures
  14. Being my own cheerleader
  15. My 2016 birthday wishlist
  16. 5 things to try out this month
  17. Favourites from my shelf
  18. My morning ritual
  19. Why failing can be good
  20. 20 ways to spread a little joy

Well, I hope you found this useful! Let me know if you end up using any of these prompts- I'd love to see what kind of posts you create with them!

What were the titles of the last 3 posts you published?


  1. Sara, just a few hours ago I was thinking about blogpost ideas and was feeling extremely uninspired, so this post is more than perfect! Thanks so much for he ideas :)
    Love, Mia

    1. Aw wow! I'm so glad to hear that this post was of some use to you!