Saturday, 16 January 2016

the love yourself challenge

the love yourself challenge is a tumblr blog which is ran by siblings Scotty and Rae Smith. It is dedicated to creating a safe and calming place online for young adults and teenagers to go to. Through acknowledging mental illnesses in an open yet positive way, the blog provides a place full of love and acceptance, and provides young people with the means to be motivated through quotes and music videos.

Shoulders - For King and Country
"this blog is a place that strives to embrace and celebrate young people for who they are, where they are - with no strings attached. we try our best to foster a safe space where young people can feel respected and accepted in their own skin"

I found the love yourself challenge three years ago, when I was fighting my own personal battle, and at the time I had started collecting all my favourite quotes in a quotes book, to keep for when I felt down. At that point in time, the love yourself challenge was just a source of cool, relatable quotes, but over the years it has grown to be much more significant in my life.

I won't tell you what I struggled with, because I don't want to put myself in a box, nor do I want to trigger anyone or make you feel bad about yourself. So let's just say that I was unhappy with who I was. There we go, me in a nutshell.

But through constantly checking on the love yourself challenge, I exposed myself to motivation and inspiration to keep fighting. I didn't notice it at the time, but every time I wrote a new quote in my book, it sunk in. And then at a later time, when I would find myself alone at night I would remember that quote that I had written earlier in the day. It was things like this, that gave me the strength to keep pushing on, and not to relapse into the thing I was struggling with.
You see, the things  you are exposed to, they have an impact on your mentality whether you want them to or not. So by exposing myself to something positive instead of all these upsetting and triggering posts on weheartit and tumblr, I was opening myself up to something positive which grew to help me so much. Every step of the way, I had something to fall back on.

So during the sleepless nights, I would scroll through the pictures and listen to the music. During the times I was surrounded by people and felt invisible, instead of searching some triggering hashtags, I would go on to the love yourself challenge.When I just needed a break from everything and felt I needed to express myself, I would write a post based on the quotes I found on the site.
Now, though I still fight the same battles that I did all that time ago, I have found coping strategies. My mental oxygen tank. But ultimately, it's up to me and you to choose what we filter into our minds.

What do you think of the love yourself challenge?
What helps you keep a healthy mentality?

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