Monday, 11 January 2016

The days are long...

Hi! I’m Angela. I am the mother of almost 3 year old BGG triplets. I started blogging several years ago before I had children and unfortunately stopped when I became pregnant. I wanted to begin again once the babies were here, but quickly found out that my time was not my own. I am slowing getting back into the blogging world and am loving every minute of it. I feel like me again. You can read all about our adventures at!

When I was young summers seemed to last forever. School years were even longer. As I began to enter adulthood those once slow and sweet summers became just another few months of my life. July no longer meant swimming in my best friends pool every single day. Time started passing at an alarming rate. Before I had an opportunity to really enjoy my years as a twenty-something, I turned thirty years old. When I had my babies in February 2013, in an instant, they went from tiny 2 pound preemies to now much heavier toddlers. I recently came across a quote that fits our life perfectly - “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I spend my days loving, yet often loathing the the experience of raising triplets. I sometimes find myself wishing away the day and counting the minutes until bedtime. There are days that I just want to run and hide. Then, just before we begin our nighttime routine, I think back on the day. It was more than likely very long and trying, but full of love and laughter too. In that same moment I think back to a difficult day that seemed like a few months ago. Then I realize that it was two years ago! It’s been more than one year that my last baby started walking. It’s been months since my son decided he wanted to take showers instead of baths. It’s been more than a week since I had to clean up any potty accidents. I swear, all these things JUST happened. These moments are so precious to me. I feel like they are slipping away before I have the chance to grab tightly and never let go. Please slow down, time.

My days are oh so long, but those years...they are way too short.

Do you have a favorite quote that reminiscent of your life?

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