Thursday, 7 January 2016

Looking back... (5 throwback posts from 2015)

I love looking back and reading all my old posts from herelectricocean. It's so nice to see where I've grown, and to have a laugh at how crappy my posts used to be. I really hope they've improved a lot since I started two years ago!

As a part of my 'New Year New me' January Project, I thought it would be nice to have a little look back through some of the posts I published last year. I'm a strong believer that looking and evaluating the past can help you build a stronger future, so here goes...

Thoughts on Girl Online

Published on November 25th last year, Girl online went on to break numerous sales records, and has proven to be a very successful book. It's a fiction book, aimed at 12 to 16 year olds, and it is the first in a two book deal by penguin. However, despite its successes, Girl Online has also seen countless criticisms; be it about how anxiety is portrayed, ghost writing, or Zoe Sugg herself. I'm here to tell you what I think about Zoella, and the ghost writing 'scandal' and I think we're just going to chat a bit about Girl online the book itself, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves it!

15 things I CAN do

A lot of the time, a lot of people remind us that there's a lot of things that we can't do. But the truth is, there's so much more that wecan do. There's so much more that I can do. I saw Dana Fox write a post of a handful of things she can't do because a lot of people have been treating her as if she's perfect, but the reality that I have seen around me is the opposite, so I decided to write this post on 15 things I CAN do.

Thursday Thoughts #1

Last Monday ended my seven weeks of heaven( also known as the summer holidays, also known as the busiest seven weeks of my life) and while I'm sad that it's over, this summer has given me a lot to reflect on. I've had my ups and downs as usual, and the downs have been tougher than most but I reckon they'll soon translate into lessons learned. 

15 Things that make me smile

Heartfelt compliments

Looking back at silly pictures I've taken of or with friends

"I love you"'s...

A million Questions

How do you say hello, without meeting?

I got my exam results last Tuesday, and they totally shocked the socks off of me. I got straight A's. How on earth did I get straight A's!? I'm not smart! I mean, sure I know how many hours each week I spent studying, but I thought only smart people got grades like this?


  1. Love this! I thought about doing this but oh well! I would love if you guest posted on my blog again!

    1. You're always welcome to do it on your blog; just cos I did it first doesn't mean you can't to it too! I would love to write another guest post for you, so I'll be in contact.