Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lessons from my Dad (Guest post by Charlotte)

Hi my name is Charlotte from over at The Mummy Toolbox. I am a mum of one (occasionally two when the husband is being stroppy) and I have a few (ok, four) cats. I stopped work when my son was born and ever since I have struggled to find something I enjoy more than spending time with him (who doesn’t want to skive off all day!). I decided to get my degree online and learning more about businesses is what actually prompted me to start writing. I learned (more importantly) that I wanted to work for myself and impart my (not so infinite) wisdom onto others. So that is how The Mummy Toolbox was created.

I know this is super cheesy but my dad is actually my best friend and has taught me so much during my life that has shaped the way I handle things! My husband says that I am a very black and white person which is true and this is down to the lessons my dad has taught me! To other people my dad is kind of like that man from UP – he’s really shy and standoffish (comes across as grumpy a lot of the time) and is really content to be left alone! (like as much as he possibly can) but he is actually hilarious, loving and incredibly kind ( he won’t even tolerate spider killings – he has to let them free to come back and retaliate attack me again).

So here is what he taught me…

I would be annoyed he nabbed my clothes if he didn't look better than me!

1. Only the truth will do- So this is the number one rule – he said to me when I was about 8 or 9 “never lie to me, never steal from me, let me trust you and If I have it then it’s yours” he was specifically referring to my pocket money at the time, but it just kind of stuck and it became the foundation of everything in my life, I hate lying (even for the right reasons) and I don’t have time for liars. I think that people are strong and can forgive many things if you are just honest with them in the first place. No hidden agendas, no manipulation, just ask, be honest it will turn out alright in the end J because once you break trust it is almost impossible to get back.

2. Do something you enjoy – This lesson has made my expectations of the real world far too high! My dad always says – yes you have responsibility but you also have a responsibility to be happy and you can’t do that in a job or career or life if you are not doing things you enjoy. Do at least one thing for YOU and you being happy will make other people around you happy!

3. Apologize – If it is your fault – get over yourself and say sorry. If it is not your fault and someone has apologized then get over yourself and accept it, don’t hold a grudge. Yes, some things are harder to forgive than others but why waste time attempting to justify something you know you were wrong about! Relationships with people are a lot healthier if you just accept you made a mistake and move on.

Christmas 2013- almost certainly too many drinks! Then again, maybe not...

Us doing a running event together, and he still can't even be serious

4. Say ‘I love you’ – If you mean it, then say it, never let them question that. You might think they already know (and they might) but sometimes people just need to hear it. Also it is good to show your emotions (I mean, don’t go crying at people all the time that’s just weird).

5. Have fun, be crazy – This is my favourite and something I always try to do! Just have a laugh; with people and with yourself and don’t take life too seriously because the best memories are the happy ones and you don’t want to wake up one day without remembering the time you cycled into a lake fully clothed or “dismounted” the trampoline so poorly you broke your toe and the whole family ended up sitting in A & E! (he was 50 I have no idea what he was thinking! But it was hilarious to watch).

Hopefully my dad might be able to teach you a few things from his many (many, many, many, many... sorry dad :p) years and if you take away nothing else then just remember to enjoy life!

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