Saturday, 23 January 2016

If you want the crown, you gotta take it

Yes 'gotta' not 'got to' and yes, I know it should have been 'you've' before 'gotta' but lets face it, this is clearly not about the English language. Its about the message behind the quote & surely, like me you can't deny that it just rolls off the tongue better.

The quote is the tagline for my blog (

They're not my own words but I have edited them (if you call removing a word editing) and adopted this version to encompass my blog. 

Sean Anderson is actually the man who came up with the original version; you might know him better as, Big Sean? You know, the one who sings the 'I don't [insert f-bomb here] with you' song. So I guess now you're beginning to understand why I edited the quote? Of course being a musical artist and rapper, Big Sean's version was almost always going to be much more...lets say 'raw' than mine lol! Curious? Look up the lyrics to Big Sean's All Your Fault song (second to last line of the song).

So why take the crown? Well why not? Over the last couple of years there's been a few things that has happened in life where I have sat back, silently thought of all kinds of 'raw' words to say and questioned what kind of messed up world are we living in. 

Loss. Un-fulfillment. Tragedy. Not to hard to relate to is it? Sadly in today's world it can feel like something of that nature is never too far around the corner!

My mom used to always say that tomorrow isn't promised & I have never understood what she meant more than now. The last couple of years have highlighted to me that none of us know what life is going to throw at us at any given time.

Fact: Life is too short and unpredictable to ever sit around waiting for something that you want. Generally speaking, its not going to just happen; somebody isn't going to walk over and hand you your dreams or goals on a plate. You need to engineer it - if you want something, you really need to go out and get it. <----- crown="" div="" exactly="" f="" gotta="" is="" it="" me.="" means="" right="" sentence="" take="" that="" the="" there="" to="" want="" what="" you="">

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