Friday, 8 January 2016

Dear friend, when you feel like you've let everyone down

"You're still thinking about the mistakes you've made, but you need to be kind and patient with yourself because you're human too"

You're so, so good at taking care of other people, my gorgeous friend. You always put them before yourself, and that's such a beautiful thing to do. You've got such a big heart, please don't ever change that. You are a helper, a healer, and a great advisor, which is truly incredible, and I hope you treasure your gifts.

But now, it's time for your to take care of yourself. Go home, and don't check your phone for messages from people who need your help. Yes, they're important, but so are you. Make a nice cup of hot tea, and sit down to watch a movie. Watch something silly, something that'll make you laugh. You have such a nice laugh, please don't let it go to waste. 

I know you sometimes feel like a failure, because you've been unable to help a friend when they were going through a tough time, but you need to recognise that you're not a miracle worker. It's not your fault if something goes wrong, and even if you have made a mistake, you need to use the kindness you have in your heart to forgive yourself. Just because you made a mistake, or did a bad thing, doesn't mean you're a bad person. You've helped so many people pick themselves up from the gutter, and now it's time that you do the same for yourself. 

You are helpful, you are loved, you are forgiven. And you're not alone.

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