Sunday, 17 January 2016

Dear friend, these are the things that help me

Dear friend, I have come across some amazing posts -yes, there are good bloggers other than myself out there- which have really encouraged me, and allowed me to grow. I believe that perhaps if you also read them, you could experience the same uplifting that I have. 

Dana Fox is a wonderful blogger, and in this post she gives clear guidance on how to set and achieve you goals. Dana discusses the importance of having  a clear vision, knowing the action steps of your goals, as well as how to embrace fear, and much, much more.

Although she talks about budgets being stretched around Christmas time, this post is still extremely relevant to the January aftermath. My pockets are completely empty, and I'm meant to be saving up money for my university fund (I start next September!!) so these money saving tips have been really helpful for me, especially because I travel so much!

I have always been a bit miffed at how I can waltz around being the most confident girl in the world in some situations, but then snap into being timid and shy in others. Some people, when I'm lacking confidence around them, have jumped to the conclusion that I think that I'm too good to talk to them, when really it's the complete opposite! In this post, Jemma opens up about the areas she feels she lacks confidence in, and how she's going to start a new chapter for herself to improve her confidence. 

I might only be 17 years old, but I can definetly resonate with wanting to escape the world of responsibilities and stresses. Having exams, and looking for a job is tough, so can you really blame me for falling head over heels for this post?! Be lists 10 ways to have a wee throwback to your childhood, without being a too immature (not that there ever was such a thing as being too immature...)

21 year old Katie was my winter hero; through this post she saved me from the terrors of dry, dark eyes, and infestation of spots (I blame my friends for buying me heaps of chocolate after the break up...). No, but seriously, this post is a miracle post. Apart from a few exceptions, I own -or have owned- pretty much all these products, and I can vouch for them being 100% worth the cash! #Brilliant

Which blog post has helped you, and why?

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