Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Becoming your own hero #1

It is becoming increasingly important in this day and age that we are able to be self-sustainable, and a huge part of that is being able to pull yourself through the rough patches of life. Becoming your own hero doesn't mean that you have to put on a magic superhero cape, it just means that you, as an ordinary human being, can save yourself from whatever's going on in your life.

Step 1: Have confidence in yourself
"Stand up and be your own person. Be proud of who you are and show your scars and laugh in the face of those who tell you there is anything you can't do"
In order to stand up for yourself in situations where people are against you, you need to believe that you are someone worth standing up for. That's where self-confidence kicks in; believing that you're worth something, and that your beauty is immeasurable is the starting point in being able to be your own hero.

Step 2: Recognise that self confidence isn't full time
As important as it is to have self confidence, there are some times where you just don't feel like you have the effort, and that's completely okay. It's totally fine to have days, weeks, or even months where you're happy with who you are, but it's also totally fine to have days, weeks, or even months where you're not so happy with yourself. It's okay. It's not really possible to have the whole self confidence thing completely worked out, so you need to leave space for down time without beating yourself up about it.

Step 3: Focus on the positives
"Take what comes your way as an opportunity, not a burden. There is always a plan, sometimes it just takes a little longer to understand the journey of life, but in the end everything is meant to be"
There are always going to be a lot of negatives in life, and it can be so easy to feel like the bad stuff is overwhelming, but that's what makes it so important that you focus on the positive things. Appreciating every single little thing that is good in your life can lead to increased feelings of self worth, higher motivation levels, and not surprisingly, overall happiness. Here's a post I wrote a while back on 100 things that make me feel good.

Step 4: Take your own advice
Have you ever given your friend a really good piece of advice, and thought to yourself 'Damn, I should follow my own advice'? Well, you should! You know yourself the best, and you know the situation you're facing better than anyone else, so why don't you try to give yourself advice? Pretend you're giving a friend advice, and make a list of 5 things you could try to minimise or erase the problem.

Step 5: Forgive yourself
I, like every other human being that ever existed, have made a heapload of colossal mistakes, and if I didn't forgive myself, I would have an extremely heavy burden to carry. Sometimes we make mistakes that are so big that we just feel like a failure, but mistakes aren't meant to make us feel worthless; they are meant to teach us lessons. So pick yourself up from the floor, forgive yourself, dust yourself off and move on. The world is full of amazing opportunities, and it would be so sad if you missed out because you were too busy giving yourself a hard time.


  1. Such a lovely post & I really enjoyed reading it :-)

    <3: Jasmin N | Little Things With Jassy

    1. Thanks Jasmin, that's really sweet to say!