Saturday, 5 December 2015

The unheard of

So you know that whole "When you're a small blog you should talk about big trends" Thing? I'm going to go completely against it right now. I'm not going to bring to you something that you've heard a million times before, in fact, I'm hoping quite the opposite. I'm hoping that at least half of what I'm going to write about today is going to be completely fresh. Something new. Something unheard of.

I like playlists, a lot as you'll probably learn through my next string of posts, and so the best way for me to introduce you to great music, is quite simply by listing them off. No waffling on, no meaningless jargon. Speaking of jargon... Anyway, here's your playlist. 50% New music, and 50% music that is really great just not popular.

The unheard of playlist

  • I can lift a car by Walk the moon 
  • Moondust by Jaymes Young
  • My house by Pvris
  • Meddle about by Chase Atlantic
  • English kids in America by Lower than atlantis
  • Moveshakehide by Marmozets
  • Heartbeat by Mat Hearney 
  • Bleak december by Set it off
  • Dial tones by As it is
  • Ghost by Halsey
  • Gravity by Against the current
So as you will find out if you listen to these brilliant songs (hello youtube or spotify...) you'll quickly find that they're all pretty diverse. I like them, and they're great quality music. Actually, I love them but basically what I'm trying to say here is don't discriminate. Listen to them all, and don't skip. Once you've listened through them all, you might surprise yourself. Maybe you're usually into rock music and you discover that actually that indie stuff isn't as bad as you thought? Or vice-versa. Anything could happen and all you gotta do is give it a go...
Hell, if I really wanted to I could have popped a bit of Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction into one of my playlists. You know why? Because it's good quality music. No, it doesn't suit everyone's taste, and thats totally fine. I respect that. But you know what I don't respect? People slam hating other peoples taste of music for no reason other than it's not what you like. Honey, they know what they're doing. Now, I'm not a huge one direction fan (and I'm so not saying that as a get out clause) but it doesn't take a wild dreamy teenage fan to recognise good music. Rant over. You can get back to your daily lives. Enjoy!

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