Saturday, 19 December 2015

Have a rocking christmas

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Every year it's the same; the carollers carolling, Mariah Carey, Michael Buble... The same old singles come back and haunt the world until we're sick to death of them. You turn on the radio, they're there. You go out shopping? Count on it, they'll be there. 
And thinking about that, I start to catch on to the same thoughts as I'd imagine a lot of alternative artists must have been thinking: Why should we listed to mainstream at Christmas time, if we don't go with that any other time? Don't get me wrong, some of the cliché Christmas songs are great, but there are some really amazing Christmas songs that just don't get the same attention. And that's why I've made this list of my favourite Christmas rock songs. 

Merry Christmas!
  1. I'm gettin' nuttin' for christmas-Relient K Relient K are incredible in general, but their Christmas album 'let it snow baby...let it reindeer' is just AMAZING! No wonder this song got #1
  2.   Merry Christmas kiss my ***-All Time Low This song just had to be in the top 8, let's be honest with ourselves. It has so much signature ATL attitude, which just makes it all the more incredible
  3.   I won't be home for Christmas-Blink 182 They once said that "I won't be home for Christmas" was about the fact that Christmas was the one day of the year you had to be nice to the people you hate the rest of the year. This is the anthem, kids.
  4.   Bleak December-Set Off This one almost didn't make the track, and if it wasn't for the lyric video being released the other day, I wouldn't have thoughts to put it in. Frontman Cody Carson told Rocksound it was "one of the most fun songs to write" And let me tell you this, it is totally a fun song to listen to
  5. Christmas Lights-Coldplay This one isn't exactly rock, but I'm sure you guys will all love it anyway. As long as it isn't too much of an overplayed track (Please, radio, please)
  6. Fools holiday-All time Low This one is for my holiday friends, most of whom raved over this song. It's made the cut for them, and for you- it's an incredible song by an incredible band
  7.  A great big sled-The Killers Such an honest, lightheartened song that pays tribute to childhood Christmas memories. "I wanna roll around like a kid in the snow" sings Brandon Flowers. So do we, Brandon, so do we.
  8. My December-Linkin Park A song with a whole lotta soul. It's not exactly very Christmassy, or cheery or whatever, but there's no arguing that it's a great song for a bit of winter chill time

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