Saturday, 7 November 2015

My favourite recipes

Recently, I have gotten more and more into baking. The realisation that I might be moving away from home for university after the summer, has come the realisation that I really suck at being independent. I guess teaching myself how to cook and bake is my way of trying to learn the skills I'm going to need to be able to survive on my own. It's not actually been as difficult as I initially thought it would be, and I've actually found some great recipes from my fellow bloggers.

Here are a few of my favourites.
Vanilla Creme Brulee
I've always been a fan of these wonderful sweet treats, and they're such a simple yet effective dessert. They really make for a great dessert to make when you've got people coming over for a meal.
Rose and Pistachio sponges
Sponge cakes and cupcakes are one of the very few things that I've actually known how to make since I was about 10 years old, but this recipe just takes it to the next level! The rose petals just make it so aesthetically beautiful, and this picture is incredible.
Spiced apple blender cake with a fudge centre
What's that? You want my honest opinion? THESE ARE THE BEST DESERTS IN THE WORLD. My life will never be the same again... I am in love!
Lavander shortbread rounds
I've actually only ever tried to make this once on my own, and it didn't exactly turn out that great.. But I'm certainly not giving up! I tried to make it with my mum, and got it just right. I never really appreciated how hard it is to make the perfect shortbreat!

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