Wednesday, 25 November 2015

25 Festive blog post ideas

Hello, friends! Merry month-till-Christmas! I've really been getting into the festive spirit lately, and I'm loving it! I've got my gorgeous pink mini chirstmas tree up in my room, and am almost done with my Christmas shopping (what can I say... I like being organised!). 

Christmas is that time of year where pretty much everyone is internet-dependant. Gone are the sunny days where you lazed about in the sun... winter is all about cosy-ing up with a warm cup of tea, a festive movie, and your phone. This is the time where people are going to be searching for gift ideas, outfit inspiration, and festive recipes, and we as bloggers should be taking advantage of that! 

A few of my blogger friends wanted to do a blogger Christmas countdown, but weren't quite sure where to start, so here are a few ideas to kickstart your blogs Christmas countdown. Bear in mind that you probably won't want to be blogging when it comes to the 23rd-25th, so schedule in posts instead!

1st December
24 days to go...
How to stay organised in the festive period

2nd December
23 days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for kids

3rd December
22 days to go...
5 favourite festive blog posts

4th December
21 days to go...
top 10 Christmas gifts for Mums

5th December
20 days to go...
top 10 festive buys for under £20

6th December
19 days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for Dads

7th December
18 Days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for him 

8th December
17 days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for her

9th December
16 days to go...
My favourite thing about christmas

10th December
15 days to go...
the best 5 Christmas movies in existence

11th December
14 days to go...
the 10 best Christmas jumpers this year

12th December
13 days to go...
Party dresses for this season

13th December
12 days to go...
Top 10 gifts for secret santa

14th December
11 days to go...
Christmas Hamper ideas

15th December
10 days to go...
The best beauty stocking fillers

16th December
9 days to go...
My favourite festive fragrances

17th December
8 days to go...
What's on my wishlist for Christmas

18th December
7 days to go...
top 10 festive date ideas

19th December
6 days to go... 
What's in my bag this Christmas

20th December
5 days to go...
What I love about Christmas

21st December
4 days to go...
Festive lush Haul

22nd December
3 days to go...
Top 5 hot drinks from starbucks

23rd December
2 days to go...
3 Hilarious Christmas Memories

24th December
1 day to go...
What I'm wearing on Christmas day

25th December
How I spend Christmas Day


  1. THESE ARE ALL SUCH GOOD IDEAS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Aw I'm glad you think they're useful!

  2. You have some excellent ideas here! I may have to utilize them in my upcoming blog posts ;)

    A Northern Light

    1. Ah, thank you so much! That means the world to me.