Thursday, 1 October 2015

The 1st Playlist

It's a new month, a new adventure, and we're well into autumn, ie. sweater weather. I really love October; I love the colours, as the leaves start to turn golden and fall from the trees. I love the days where the sky is blue and the air is crispy, cold, clear and fresh. I love the countdown to my birthday (Which fyi is on the 30th of October). Anyways, here's my 1st October Playlist. Enjoy!

Autumn leaves - Ed Sheeran

Ditmas - Mumford and Sons

Let it all go - Birdy + Rhodes

Fight song - Rachel Platten

Drag me down - One Direction

Let it go - James Bay

I found - Amber Run

I need you - m83

Meddle About - Chase Atlantic

You are enough - Sleeping at last

Messiah - Prides

Isaac - Bear's Den


  1. Hmm nice playlist! i only recognised 2 songs (Fight Song and Drag Me Down), so i'm gonna check it out now!
    mind checking out my blog and giving some feedback?

    1. Thank you, I will most certainly have a scroll through your blog!