Monday, 21 September 2015

Calm the mind, change the world #1

 Last week, I bought the book 'calm', by Michael Acton Smith. I bought this book with the intentions of passing it on to my friend for her Christmas present (I like being organised okay). 

I don't think that's going to happen, because as soon as I flicked through it, I knew I had fallen in love. With a book. Yup, that's me... book geek. 

But here's the fact; modern life is exhausting. That's what pushed me into joining the calm revolution. Trains delayed, non-stop email, endless to-do lists- there has never been a more important time to stop, recharge and discover moments of calm. Using a mixture of creative prompts, activities, instructions, and inspiration, Calm will open up your eyes to the pleasure and richness of your every day life.

Sounds pretty rubbish right? It's so obscure, and fluffy, and it just doesn't sound like it will work. I have real problems. I live through tough things. I'm actually stressed. But trust me; this is coming from a depressed, stressed, worried, panicky, overworking young person. Calm helps. Meditation is useful. I. Feel. Good.

What made you feel calm today?
Listening and watching my friend play Bella's lullaby on the piano.
Meditating to scars by James Bay
Playing truce by twenty one pilots on guitar
Using the 'breathe in, breathe out' meditation technique.

What are you grateful for?
God has given me a home; not just a simple shack, but a beautiful house that I get to share with three incredible people... even if we do drive eachother off the wall every so often.

What were three highlights of your weekend?
Going to the Stirling university open day on Saturday gave me a lot of perspective. Since I can compare it to Aberdeen and Glasgow from my experience in those open days I can say for sure that Stirling is not for me, which I needed to know in order to narrow down my choices to 5.
Being with my boyfriend Matthew; especially out 'walks' ie. alone time. I still can't believe he chose me, and I'm constantly finding new ways to fall in love with him, and new things that I love about him. Also, his dancing... well, let's just say it's on point, haha!
Spending time with my family of friends was incredible; I spent the weekend in Stirling for a reunion weekend with a bunch of friends who participated in Step out (A christian youth mission in Scotland) over the summer and that was just so amazing. I loved catching up with them, and of course ceilidhing was quality! So much banter!

What do you think about the calm revolution?

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