Friday, 31 July 2015

July's 3 Friday Favourites

I love reading other peoples blogs. Seeing how successful some blogs have become, and the influence that they have, has motivated me to put all my effort into making my little blog as good as possible. It's also really encouraging, to see that it is in fact possible for an ordinary, run of the mill town girl, to become successful.

This year, I have discovered a few new blogs, which I have instantly fallen in love with. I want to share these with you, because I am hoping that you also, will fall in love with them.

Sprinkle of Glitter is a beauty/lifestyle blog written by youtuber Louise Pentland. I've been aware of Louise's youtube channel and celebrity personality for quite some time now, but I never actually knew she had a blog up until yesterday. When I went to check it out, the first thing that struck me was her layout- it's so simple, and so cute! I love the insight to her life that you get through her blog, and her monthly advertisers have led me to discovering a few other new favourites in the blogging world!

Hannah Gale's lifestyle blog is one that I discovered around the start of the year, and since this amazing discovery, I have been totally sucked in to her blog. I almost never regularly check up on what other bloggers are posting, however I seem to find myself reading through Hannah Gale's new posts almost every day! Her blog has a bit of everything, with her most recent posts varying from humorous lists, healthy(ish) recipes, and a nail polish review. The photography that features on her blog is so cute, too.

Professional daydreamer is an adorable blog written by 17 year old Chloe. I actually found out about this lovely blog through Sprinkle of Glitter's June 2015 advertisers post, and I am so glad that I did. Much like Hannah Gale, Chloe has a variety of content, which makes it hard to put her blog into a genre, but makes it fresh and exciting. I'm really looking forward to reading more from her.

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