Sunday, 7 June 2015

Guest post by 'world of noise'


Hi!!! I am so happy I was asked to do this post :)
Just a quick introduction.
I’m Lizzie and I run a blog called ‘World Of Noise’.  I’ve had it for two years and I’m still growing.
I’m a HUGE Directioner and in the 5SOS fam.  I also am into All Time Low, Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, my chemical romance, etc.  Also Halsey and Lana  Del Rey type of stuff.  
I’m homeschooled and I am just finishing my second year of highschool. I want to go to college in Manhattan and be an Interior Designer someday!

So I wanted this post kind of to be about fashion. Its a nice, easy topic. I am into a few different looks.  I’m a giant fan of sweaters and have a growing collection.  I’m at around 20 right now.  My typical look is black skinny jeans and a graphic tee. I really like the 90’s grunge trends coming back so I like to add some of that into my outfits. Like lots of flannel\plaid, velvet and denim.  Also just the typical pop-punk looks.  Beanies, Converse, etc.  
So what things do I own to make these kinds outfits?

Shoes:  Black combat boots, a knock off brand of converse, black gladiator sandals
Dresses:  My favorite dress for these styles is my black velvet skater!
Jeans: I have two pairs of dark wash skinnies and a black pair
Tops:  I have a plaid shirt that says ‘Idiot’ on the back, I made it myself!  My 5SOS shirt, black long-sleeves are a must have.  I have TONS of graphic tees.
Coats: My denim jacket that is partially distressed. my black leather jacket <3 span="">
Sweaters:  I have lots of these, but to focus on grunge\alternative fashion I have these:  A black knit one that he front is checked with red, black and red plaid cardigan, black fuzzy crop sweater, red crochet… lots more!  
Accessories: Gray knit beanie, ATL wristband, I own too many earrings to count.  

Wow!   Okay I guess I do like my wardrobe after-all!

I love creating a personal style, I think it is necessary to express yourself through your clothing!  At some point you style may change but it should reflect who you are and you should feel comfortable in it!

I hope this was a good post and I’m looking forward to seeing this posted!  If you liked this, please check out my blog!  Thanks again, Sara!

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