Saturday, 27 June 2015

5 of the most inspiring bloggers

I get my inspiration from various places; my friends, music,  my city, books... and bloggers. In paticular, when reading other bloggers posts, I like to keep a lookout for good content. If I enjoy reading something, then I'm sure that I won't be the only one!
And so, because I pick up a lot of my ideas for Her Electric Ocean from other bloggers, I thought it was only fair that I give you guys a little insight to the kind of bloggers I read!

Zoella, also known as Zoe Sugg is a youtuber, author and blogger all wrapped into one gorgeous twenty-something year old. Though she hasn't posted since 1st December 2014, I still love going back to her blog and checking out her old posts for inspiration. I really love her beauty posts, like her post on tarte blushes, or her 'new in from barry m' post.

Dana, the voice behind wonder forest, is a blogger and blog beautifier. She actually designed Zoella's blog- she's incredibly gifted. She usually posts several posts a week, and I would say that she is definitely a lifestyle blogger. From talking about why saying no is necessary, to talking us through how she edits her instagram pictures, Dana's blog is so near perfection it hurts.

Lizzie is a wonderful 16 year old blogger, who blogs about pretty much anything. She uploads content regularly, and posts a monthly 'favourites' post, the last of which was May favourites, which I loved a lot! Her blog is very relaxed, natural and personal, and it is completely gorgeous!

If ever I'm in a sticky situation blog-wise, or needing some advice or ideas, I always go to this site. I'm not really sure if you would call it a blog or not, but for the purpose of this post, it's a blog. It's basically a community of bloggers who join forces to provide us bloggers with up to date fashion news, and blog tips. It's definitely been very useful to me, especially their post about using pictures on your blog.

This fabulous makeup and beauty blog is run by 22 year old Londoner Sabrina. Being totally honest here, when I first found this blog I was more than just a little obsessed. I fell in love from the word go! I love her post 'Empties & product reviews'  in which Sabrina talks about her old favourites, beauty cult products, new products, and much, much more. I love this, because she goes out of the norm for bloggers, and rather than writing it all out, she produces her post in a youtube video, so it's essentially vlogging with background text around it.

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