Saturday, 30 August 2014

Budget hair haul

Superdrug, boots... Sainsburys?

It's no longer a secret that I'm not an organised buyer, I'm sure you've all been made aware of the fact that I am more of the type of person who buys whatever the hell she wants, when she wants, (within reason) thanks to my post Budget Haul that I wrote a while back. If you have read the post (and if not then I would recommend you do so before reading this) you will know that it is a challenge for me to go out shopping within a limited budget. Well, this time I decided to try and push myself even further by not only putting a limit on my budget, but also on what kind of products I would be buying. 

£3.99 for batiste light & blonde dry shampoo - Boots
£1.99 for Superdrug honey blonde colour effects - Superdrug
£4.00 for Phil Smith's Big it up! Thickening volume cream -Sainsburys 

I love being blonde. Not many people are happy with the colour of their hair, but I really, really do love being blonde. It's simply one of the few things I'm happy about with myself, but of course I do wish I had thicker hair. That's why the majority of my hair products have one or two key themes (Yours will too, if you look) that rotate around thickening or volumizing my hair, and retaining my blondness. 
I was very sceptical about buying these products, as my hairdresser usually encourages me to splurge on high quality products which will look after my hair and avoid damaging what he calls these 'luscious locks'. Never mind having bought something for my hair out of a supermarket! But after checking the 'ingredients' and not seeing any of the chemicals I was warned against, darling was I ready to test these products out!
And the end result? Exactly what the packaging said. The batiste light & blonde dry shampoo kept my two and a half day old hair looking and feeling fresh with a hint of lighter coloured roots, which I was super happy about. The honey blonde superdrug own brand touched up the parts of my hair that were slightly darker, and true to its word, Phil Smith's Big it up! Thickening volume cream from Sainsburys surprised me in its successfulness. Turns out even a supermarket can be half decent with hair products after all.

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