Saturday, 24 May 2014

Who's that girl?

In my opinion, there are many great girls who deserve recognition. Whether they are a great best friend, whether they've worked hard to do something or get somewhere, or if they just have a great sense of style. That's where my new idea comes in to play.
You see, what I'm thinking, is doing a regular post (twice a week, once a month... we'll see) about who you, the reader, thinks deserves to be recognized for greatness. So what I'm going to ask you to do, is nominate someone for the Who's that girl project. You can nominate a sister, a friend, a celebrity.. anyone you want!
All you have to do to nominate someone is send me an email to detailing:
  • Your name, age, and where you're from
  • The nominee's name, age, and where she's from
  • A picture of the nominee, or something she's done
  • A short description of why you think she should be nominated

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