Sunday, 4 May 2014

What to wear when volunteering....

At a primary school.
At 15 years of age I hardly have much experience with volunteering; I've only ever volunteered for a friday night kids club, which I do with my friends. I can wear whatever I want at a kids club. But now, my mum has caught me a slightly bigger fish- a voluntary place at my old primary school for afternoons all of next week! As excited as I am, there is one thing that troubles me slightly. What exactly does one wear to a primary school? I can't go too formal, because it would look like I'm trying too hard,  however I can't exactly go casual, as that would give the impression that I don't care... when I obviously do. Quite a dilema, isn't it.Well thank goodness I did my research! (Excuse the strange expression)
In order to maintain an equal balance between casual and formal, hair and makeup become priorities. Having your hair down is casual, but as long as you style and treat it well then it ought to look great with a slightly less slobby outfit. Where makeup is concerned, avoiding dark lipstick during daytime hours is the best thing for you; unless it's a bright shade of red for a preppy look. Keeping foundation and blusher to a minimum, and using minimal eyemakeup; a little beige eyeshadow, with a darker contour in the corner, using no eyeliner and only a little mascara should be sublime.
And the answer to my most prominent question; what to wear, has been unveiled. A white shirt with a pastle skirt holds the essence of a girly spring yet the shirt speaks of the formality that is required as a teaching assistant which is what I am going to be volunteering as. Take the block coloured pastle skirt and swap it with a floral skirt, and you have a similar outcome.But perhaps one day it isn't so warm. Or you're just not that much of a girly girl. Then coloured or patterned trousers matched with a plain shirt will go perfectly also. Note that I said trousers; leggings are made to be worn with mini dresses or long tops and are extremely unflattering to even the smallest bottom if you don't cover it up. Anyhow; the discussion of leggings will make for another post sometime in the future.

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